The Only Weed Control Solution You'll Ever Need

Pulling weeds is a big job for most gardeners. WeedBoard effectively and organically prevents weeds.


WeedBoard made is super easy to keep up with my new garden - perfect for beginners!

- Shannon Mattern

The ultimate organic gardening product.

- Brian Regan

WeedBoard saves me so much time in the garden!

- John Doe

Wish I would have found this earlier!

- Jane Doe

What is WeedBoard?

WeedBoard is a heavy-duty single-sided corrugated cardboard that suppresses weed growth.

Simple Weed Control
Roll WeedBoard down the rows of your garden and under your fencing and secure with anchors. WeedBoard will choke out existing weeds and prevent new ones from taking root.
True Organic Gardening
WeedBoard lets in the right amount of moisture while letting soil breath. It slowly breaks down over time, so you can prevent weeds without using chemicals or plastics.
Save Time
WeedBoard greatly reduces the amount of weeds in your garden. For the few that do pop in between your plants, just pull them up, throw them on WeedBoard to dry, and sweep them up later.

Grow Food, Not Weeds

With concerns rising about food safety, quality, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), it's no surprise that more Americans are growing their own food. Get the most out of your vegetable garden with WeedBoard.


Easy Garden Prep

WeedBoard comes in 50 foot rolls at 18 and 36 inch widths. Roll down rows and underneath fencing.


Won't Blow Away

Use stakes to secure WeedBoard. No more newspaper blowing around, messy straw and hauling bags of mulch.


Perfectly Spaced Plants

Plant closely spaced crops between rows of WeedBoard, and cut holes in WeedBoard for wider spaced crops.


Pick Crops, Not Weeds

Not only does WeedBoard suppress weeds, it leaves clean rows for you to walk and kneel on while tending to your harvest.

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The Testimonials

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Lidia Coffelt

Just awesome. It's so important to me to feed my family the highest quality produce possible, so I started gardening several years ago. I've tried mulching, newspaper and lots of other chemical-free weed prevention techniques - but WeedBoard has been the easiest method I've used.

Glen Ishikawa

So glad I found WeedBoard! I love to garden, but I'm getting older and it's tough on me physically. WeedBoard was easy to roll out and stake, and its saved me hours of stooping and bending to pull weeds. No more hauling and shoveling mulch either!

Marvis Griese

Great for beginners. I've always wanted to garden but wasn't sure what to do, what to grow or how to control weeds. With the WeedBoard gardening guide and the 10x10 Garden Kit, I'm well on my way to my first harvest.

Arthur Durling

Worth every cent. I love to grow and prepare my own food, but I also travel a lot for work and just don't have time to keep my garden up. This year I rolled out WeedBoard down my fenceline, between my rows and also did cutouts for my tomatoes. I'm spending a fraction of the time in the garden and getting better crops.

Purchase WeedBoard

WeedBoard comes in a convenient 50 foot roll of two different widths.

Standard Roll


50 feet long

18 inches wide

Great for between rows

and under fencing


Wide Roll


50 feet long

36 inches wide

Great for wide-spaced

plants like tomatoes,

peppers, etc.


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