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I have a passion for gardening, love to eat fresh organically grown foods and get great satisfaction in the process.

That's why I created WeedBoard®.

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When I started my garden, the first spring was fun, planting a variety of vegetables and looking forward to a feast later in the summer only to find a few weeks later a garden overrun with weeds. So many that it was hard to find a place to start weeding. Weeds so dense that some vegetable plants were never again found!

- My garden in the summer of 2012

Why WeedBoard®?

There are many ways to kill and prevent weeds in an environmentally responsible, organic way. Laying down layers of newspaper, parts of boxes, spreading dirt or mulch... All of these will work - as long as the wind doesn’t blow.

WeedBoard® works better. It's quick and easy to install - simply cut the length you need, put it in place with an anchor and know that weeds will not penetrate it.

Simple Weed Control
WeedBoard® can be installed under garden fencing so you won't need to trim or weed. It also makes a great pathway so you can keep clean while planting and harvesting.
Easy Organic Gardening
Weeds compete with your plants for nutrients, water and sun. WeedBoard® increases your yield. It also holds moisture and slows evaporation so you can water less often.
Save Time
WeedBoard® will save you hours of time weeding in the garden. It kills and prevents weeds for you around the clock. You'll have a small amount of weeding between rows of vegetables, and that's it!

Grow Food, Not Weeds

With so many concerns about food quality, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), it's no surprise that more of us are growing our own food.

WeedBoard® makes it easier to grow healthy, delicious vegetables for your family.

Seeded Vegetables

Lettuce, carrots, beets, etc.

WeedBoard® comes in 50 foot rolls at 18 and 36 inch widths. Roll it out and plant seeded veggies between rows.

Large Plants

Tomatoes, peppers and more!

Cut holes in the 36" wide WeedBoard® and use your plant cages to secure WeedBoard®.

Mounding Plants

Melons, Cucumbers, Watermelon

Build a mound and lay out WeedBoard. Cut a large “X” and fold the points underneath so WeedBoard® will push down into the mound.

Keep the Grass Away

Perimeter Fencing

Roll out WeedBoard® under fencing to keep grass from encroaching and keep trimming to a minimum.

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About Me

Husband, father of __, avid gardener and outdoorsman.

Mike Gabor

I have a passion for gardening. I started my first garden [years ago] and love every part of the process - except weeding. I'm in sales and travel quite a bit for work, so I'm not home much to keep up with my garden. I spend lots of time researching the best varieties of seeds and plants, and I enjoy planning out my garden, getting everything in the ground and watching it start to grow. But killing weeds in an organic, environmentally safe ways has been a struggle.

I came up with the idea for WeedBoard after returning from a long sales trip to a completely overgrown garden. I used to sell packaging, so I got in touch with one of my old contacts and had him give me several different types, size and weights of cardboard. I tested them all out in my garden until I found one that could be rolled up, yet was durable enough to last an entire growing season.

I'm a busy guy - the amount of time WeedBoard has saved me is astonishing. I know there more people like me out there that want to grow their own food but just don't have the time to care for a garden that doesn't use chemicals or genetically modified crops to control weeds. WeedBoard makes it easy to get started. 

Happy growing!